Advanced Technology

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At the Butts we pride ourselves on our use of cutting-edge dental technology. In our in-house lab we use the latest materials and techniques to design and produce crowns, veneers, onlays, dentures, splints and clear aligners tailored specifically for your smile and mouth. 


The components that make up our lab are: 

  • The intra oral scanners we use produce a more accurate impression of your mouth than the conventional bulky sticky materials of old. 

  • Our computer aided design software gives us precise control over the appliance we are designing for you. 

  • From the design we either mill or print your device. The milling machine allows the use of many diverse materials we can use porcelains of varying strengths and aesthetic qualities, metals: titanium and cobalt chrome, waxes, plastics and some new polymers used in other areas of medicine. 

  • For our porcelain products we have two specialised firing ovens; one for high temperature fusion of the porcelain particles, the second a low temperature oven with a vacuum for the glazing and layering of aesthetic porcelains. 

  • To finish we have the miscellaneous equipment for the final treatment of your appliance. That is polishing, fitting surface preparation and cleaning of the devices. 


The most crucial of the setup are our two dedicated technicians who liaise with our clinical team to produce the appliance that is right for you. 

Take a closer look at some of the advanced

technology we use...