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Nervous Patients - Sedation

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We understand that, for some, a visit to the dentist can be a daunting and un-nerving time. We want to make our patients visits to the Butts as pleasant and stress-free as we can. So, for our more nervous patients we are proud to offer the option of sedation

Dental sedation uses medication to ease you into a relaxed, comfortable state during a dental procedure. This means that you will feel less stress and anxiety during treatment. It is a perfect solution for those who suffer dental phobia.


Dental sedation is not an anaesthetic and will not make you unconscious but rather allow you to enter a relaxed, sedative state whilst treatment takes place. It works for the most nervous of patients.



There are several different types of dental sedation, including:

· Intravenous (IV) sedation

· Oral sedation

· Inhalation sedation


We carry out intravenous sedation because it is the most reliable method with the highest safety margin. It involves a small injection in the arm.


There are many great benefits to dental sedation. These include:

· Patients get relief from their dental anxiety

· Patients are unable to feel discomfort whilst under sedation

· Patients with a sensitive gag reflex can undergo dental treatment with ease as the muscles will be completely relaxed

· Patients are unaware of the passage of time which is of benefit for long procedures.

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