The NHS set the available treatment and charges for NHS dentistry ,which will be suffitient to "keep your mouth, gums and teeth healthy". Treatment and prices fall into Treatment Price Bands 1,2 & 3.

If you are on certain benifits or pregnant now or recently you may recieve NHS treatment free. click on Free Dentistry for more details. 


A dentist with an NHS contract, gets paid by the NHS, to carry out a certain amount of NHS treatment a year (Measured in UDAs (Units of Dental Activity)). At some times we become too full to be able to take on NEW NHS patients but always help if we can especially if you are in need of emergency treatment. We are proud to offer NHS dentistry and are fully commited to supporting the availablity of NHS in Brentford



The NHS does not fund some special or cosmetic treatments many clients would like or sometimes your dentist may have limited NHS Dental Activity available so may need to work on a private basis for you. We can offer a full range of Private Treatment from all white porcelain crowns to the latest implants. Also cosmetic work of tooth whitening, veneers and teeth straightening.

Private treatment will not be as expensive as you think. We pride ourselves on offering the latest and best treatment for affordable prices. 

For expensive treatments such as implants  and teeth staightening we can offer variouse finance and payment options (Subject to status) .To help with this The Butts Dental Practice is an appointed representative of Chysalis Finance Ltd which is authorised be the financial conduct authority to carry out the regulated activity of credit broking. With discussion with your dentist we can provide a representative sample of your finance options and repayments along with the %APR.

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